Saturday, July 12, 2008

Fun at sewing camp!

The girls have been having so much fun at sewing camp this week. First they made these great backpack bags that close with a drawstring ribbon. They're so great for swim towels, books, dolls, etc. We found the headband pattern in their book, so we made coordinating/reversible headbands to match!

I even joined in and made a couple of headbands for myself. If you know me personally, you can probably count on getting one in the near future! Just let me know what color scheme you want. They're so easy and quick - I made one in under 10 minutes!

The girls also made placemats and started on bookmarks out of felt. They ran out of time, so we'll finish them at home. They get to go back to the camp the week after next. So fun!

We've been really busy this week getting ready for Worker Boy's 4th birthday party. It's going to be a pirate party - and it's tomorrow! I stayed up way too late last night making a somewhat authentic looking treasure map with watercolor. I'll have photos after everything's all done. We're all pretty excited - the girls are not only helping with the party, but they've choreographed a skit for the kids! But for now, I'm pooped out!

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Sarah said...

we're on the same wavelength again! I was just planning the next dress I'm going to sew for Sonora and thinking I would make a reversible headband to go with it.... and Sonora and Jamey made similar backpacks on our "art day" earlier this week! So funny!