Thursday, March 5, 2009

good news all around

So the good news is that the chemo is working!!!! The tumors in my mother-in-law's liver are shrinking. Ahh, a sigh of relief. It was pretty touch-and-go there for a little while. Not that we're out of the woods yet - she still has day-to-day symptoms she's dealing with. But having a step in the right direction definitely helps boost our attitudes around here.

So to celebrate, Gavin and his mom stopped and picked up some pies -- yes, I said PIES, plural! She loves Marie Callendar's, but Gavin had a hankering for a Banana Cream Pie from Ikeda's, a local favorite. Of course, I'm a chocolate fan and I wouldn't have minded a small layer of semisweet chocolate between the crust and the cream, but it was quite good all on its own! Luckily Gavin took half to work this morning!

I'm quite wiped out from the past few days, a lot of driving, staying up late and just everyday stuff. I want today to be a home mental health day where I just do whatever I feel like - cleaning can definitely wait! So I think I'm going to start making the shirt from the pattern and fabric my mom got me for my birthday (it's on Sunday, by the way! 8th). I washed the fabric yesterday, so I'm all set.

In the meantime, my sidekicks will hold down the fort!

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