Monday, May 5, 2008

painting on location

So I went to Lake Tahoe last weekend and it was just beautiful. The water was so clear! Although it was sunny, it was pretty chilly. I also didn't expect to see so much snow on the surrounding mountains - the lifts were still running!

So I stole some time away for myself and took out my travel watercolor supplies and actually painted something. Most of the time I pack that kind of stuff with the best intentions and then I never even take it out of my bag!

I was so excited to use my 'new' watercolor notebook. I cut watercolor pages from larger pieces, punched holes, tied it with heavy string, and put it in one of Gavin's grandfather's old leather pocketbooks (he had quite a fetish for them), and voila - travel watercolor book! I had fun with the pinecones because I tried to keep the painting looser than I usually do. I'm also finding that I really enjoy using a black fine tip pen to give more definition.

I was inspired by french toast girl and her idea of Everyday in May.
I haven't exactly painted every day so far, but twice in one weekend is pretty good for me. Of course, now that I'm back home to all the realities of life, maybe I'll change the motto to 'Every Once in a While' for myself! It's good to have goals, though, right? No matter how unrealistic sometimes.


Sarah said...

I know you must have 3 or more hits on your blog today from me, but I promise I'm not trying to mess with your site meter! I just keep intending to comment, then getting pulled away... Anyway, love the pinecones! And love that you got some time for yourself up there!

encouraging creativity said...

It was pretty nice to relax and just be able to paint without any interruptions like I get at home.