Tuesday, May 27, 2008

pondering questions

I've been a little introspective lately, asking myself lots of questions I cannot always answer. Like, 'Why do I keep a blog?' Is it for connection with others? Is it for the comments? Am I focusing too much on the amount of traffic I receive, or don't receive? Why should that even matter? Then I remind myself that the whole reason I started this blog was merely to document my creative process. I've gotten a lot of enjoyment out of posting my various projects - no matter how small. I think I've gotten a bit intimidated, though, when I look at other blogs and see how much they have going on - giveaways, contests, parties, etc. I also remind myself how much work it takes to maintain a blog like that and I'm just not there right now. I'm not sure if I ever will be there. I'm a pretty reserved person and it was even a stretch to start this blog in the first place. I considered deleting it a dozen times! So I now am choosing to stop worrying about being 'popular' (that just adds too much unwanted pressure anyway), hold my chin higher than I have been, just relax and enjoy all the creativity God has given me - which includes a lot that I haven't discovered yet (I hope)!

So, onward, friends!

I've decided to put the shelf giveaway on hold (Sarah understands, that's what friends do) and give it a try another time when I feel the time is right.

In the meantime....here's a neat watercolor that reminds me of Worker!

No, I didn't paint it. The illustrator is Jon J. Muth who is absolutely amazing. This is from the book A Family of Poems, compiled by Caroline Kennedy. I get simultaneously inspired and challenged at the same time. It's been so busy lately with the end of school next Thursday, I haven't been in my studio AT ALL and I can hardly wait to get some protected time in there!

And let me clarify that just because I don't want the amount of traffic or comments to govern my blog, I WOULD enjoy connecting with others and hearing comments, ideas, etc. - just like our dog Tenna (Golden Retriever) really enjoyed her new buddy Zeus!


Sarah said...

aawww... love that picture of our canine buddies! And a big high five (can moms do that??) on your boldness to keep on blogging on your own terms.

Chris said...

I agree with Sarah (on both points).

Such a cool picture of the two dogs! We tried Zeus inside last night and finally had to send him back out. He just kept lumbering around the house looking for stray Cheerios.

Good call on the motivation too. The main purpose should be to encourage creativity.



Lisa said...

Thanks for the positive feedback! Sorry Zeus can't handle the indoor life!