Sunday, June 1, 2008

down to the wire

On Thursday I was supposed to go on Pumpkin Girl's field trip, but Worker was still getting rid of his croupy cough, so he and I stayed home instead to rest. Luckily there were enough drivers so I didn't feel like such a flake! So while Worker rested, I was able to catch up on some projects that weren't getting done on their own.

I'm the volunteer Art Docent for Sunshine Girl's 1st grade class, and I decided to make little watercolor booklets for the kids to have over the summer. I also included a watercolor pencil for each student. It was a fun and very easy project: just cardboard, cool scrapbook paper, stickers for their initials, watercolor paper and string. Voila!

Here's a closeup of one of the booklets. I hope they get inspired this summer!

I also decided at the last minute to make a quilt for a friend's daughter who is graduating from High School in 2 weeks. It's a lap quilt for when she goes off to college and is up late studying or writing a paper (I remember those days!). I've finished the top and now am ready to machine quilt (I don't have time to handquilt), but my machine is acting funny - arrgh! I think the thread tension is off, but I can't seem to fix it. I might have to take it over to a friend's house. (you know who you are!)

I know the white with pink polka dot is called "Pink Lemonade" by Me and My Sister Designs. Unfortunately I didn't write down the rest! Some were fat quarters from Joann's.

I hope to have the quilt done by the end of the week for show and tell. I'm also on a deadline to finish the 1st Grade Teacher's gift from the class by Thursday (last day of school). It's a book of their art and quotes about their teacher. It's coming along pretty well. I found some great ribbon for the ties from a great garage sale find a few weekends ago.

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Sarah said...

Does that mean I have to clean my sewing room? :-)