Saturday, June 21, 2008

pillow surgery

Worker Boy's pillow is incredibly special as I know many of your children have special loveys too. It's only 2 years old and has already gone through a lot of repair! It has finally reached the point that major work had to be done. I actually felt like I was conducting major surgery - and I had to make sure Worker Boy wasn't around because I think seeing his pillow that way would have caused him horrible trauma. So here are the photos of the entire process...
I had to cut open the pillow to take out the stuffing and add a liner.

This is what stuffing looks like after hundreds of washings!

I quilted the liner to the pillow fabric so that any future tears would be contained to a small area (Gavin's idea - thanks, Hon!)

This pillow definitely wouldn't win any aesthetic awards, but at least it has been reinforced and will hopefully last a long time now!

Despite some initial apprehension (my mom couldn't believe he'd even notice), Worker Boy has reunited with his best friend!

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