Wednesday, June 18, 2008

more Yosemite

Yosemite is so breathtaking! It was amazing to just look around and see these immense mountains of granite that have taken on beautiful shapes after thousands of years of snowmelt, waterfalls and rain.

I'd like to say that we hiked up to every waterfall and peak, but surely I can't say that! We stayed on the main paths and took the tram around the village most of the time. One day we rafted down the Merced River which runs right through the valley. In this photo we had stopped at a little beach to skip rocks and have a snack.

Next time when the kids are older, maybe we'll do more hiking.


Kathy - Pink Chalk Studio said...

You got some great pictures! On the way home we decided next trip we'll definitely do a rafting adventure. Looks like you all had fun.

Sharla said...

Great pics you two! The raft adventure sounds like fun - is it for all ages? My boys will be 3 & 5 next summer. . . .