Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Yosemite dreams

We had such a fun time in Yosemite! I even got a few hours to attend a watercolor class through the Yosemite Art Center. Our class went behind The Ahwahnee and got this amazing view of Glacier Point above Stoneman Bridge. The hardest part was my needing to move to a shadier spot in the middle of the day, so my view became a little obstructed! It was fun to be with other artists as well as whole families painting together. I stayed a little longer and moved to the edge of the Merced River and got an amazing view of Half Dome to the Northeast. (I have to apologize for the partial images of my paintings. My scanner is smaller than the paper and I can't figure out how to reduce - argh!)

Anyway, since we were in Yosemite with my parents and sister to celebrate my parents' 45th Anniversary, I decided to frame the Glacier Point painting for them. My dad kept reminding me that I hadn't signed my name on the painting yet - just a reminder that I don't quite feel like an 'artist' yet. I'm still exploring so many other mediums and really want my main focus to be my family right now. Not that I don't grab moments (or hours) to be creative. I'm just concerned that if I start to think of myself more in terms of occupation, my creative side will start to compete with my mommy side. For now, I'm happy with the amount of creativity that my 'mommyness' brings my way. There are so many women out there who successfully manage all the different facets of their lives - the crafty blogosphere is evidence of that - and I enjoy seeing into their projects. Because I tend to throw myself into every project I do, I completely forsake (and often resent) my regular day-to-day items on my list which can include my children! Then I just get stressed out, I feel like a terrible mom and my house completely falls apart. But when I just do one project at a time and take breaks in between, I tend to feel more balanced. Am I making sense? Or am I just sounding completely ridiculous?

Maybe I need to stop overanalyzing and just get a door for my art room.

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Sarah said...

The paintings look fantastic--and they deserve your signature! Looking at Glacier Point again reminds me of the six or so hours I spent hiking a switchback trail to the top and back. I have to say I really like the view from the bottom best!!!