Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Thoughts for the Day...

I think this is such a cool mug! My absolute favorite color is chocolate brown, and I love this light blue with it. I'd like to think that I could've designed something like this - but I wasn't asked! When I think thoughts like this, it basically tells me that I need to be spending more time at my art table just painting. Often when I paint I'm trying to create a finished product and I desperately need to get out of that mode. I really like the combination of watercolor with pen and ink - I get inspired whenever I see that style in my kids' picture books. Ok, enough said, now go 'do.'

These were some cute 'finds' from my local thrift shop. Just fun containers to put 'stuff' in! The middle one is pretty funky, but I like the colors.

I went to the nursery the other day and practiced A LOT of restraint! I did end up with these yellow bell peppers and Sweet 100 tomatoes - yum! And also lots of seeds - carrots, beans, sunflowers, morning glories - I hope my kids can keep up with the watering because I don't have such a good track record. I have a lot of gusto in the beginning of a project, but then I peter out or get too busy! Here's the beginning stages of our garden (we have to wait a few more weeks to plant):

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Autum said...

It is so hard to practice restraint when looking at all the beautiful green plants and flowers this time of year isn't it? I want one of everything, but I'm like you, and don't have the best track record when it comes to watering. I may look for some yellow bell peppers, they are so pricey in the grocery store.