Friday, April 18, 2008

It's been a weird week

So I had all these great creative plans for this week and nothing got done. My bad cold from last week actually turned into walking pneumonia this week! I was pretty much in bed everyday and went through lots of books and movies.
Gavin took the kids to school all week and 'Worker Boy' went to an extra day of preschool so I could rest. Sunshine and Pumpkin were very worried about Mommy and kept checking to see if I was feeling better. Pumpkin thought since my fever was gone (thank you, antibiotics!), I was not sick anymore - wish my body could have listened to that reasoning!
Alas, today I had enough energy to get a few things at the store and pick up some more books at the library - and I wasn't completely wiped out afterwards...have I finally turned the corner? I didn't dare have any type of dialogue with anyone for fear of the inevitable coughing fit that would ensue.
My girls' teachers told me to take next week off from coming into the classroom to rest - but I at least want to present the art docent project to the 1st graders! I'm very excited about it and can't wait to display all the photos here.
I even started another watercolor last Sunday of some pretty lilacs from our backyard. I'll have to cut new ones in order to finish since I didn't add water to the vase all week and the flowers dried up! oops!
This weekend I will try to lay low as much as possible, but with my seedlings bursting out of their containers, beautiful sunshine and spring fever, I only hope not to relapse from doing too much. Ugh! It's so hard to hold back. And the weeds don't slow down for sickies!

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