Sunday, April 13, 2008

the wraps are done

I actually finished the wrap skirts for the girls last week (when I wasn't feeling so yucky), but got around to taking the photos today. Since it was an impulsive decision to make them, I rummaged through all my extra fabric and made separate (somewhat) coordinating panels.

'Sunshine Girl' tends to like brighter, flashier prints and her skirt ended up with five panels. 'Pumpkin Girl' likes more understated prints (although the watermelon is quite bright) and her skirt has three panels.
I love that my girls still love wearing stuff made by 'Mom' and I hope that lasts for a while! I'm trying to ingrain in them that homemade is really special - even though it's not always perfect.

So yesterday while I was a 'blob' on the couch, Gavin worked with the kids in the vegetable garden. Today he's going to hookup the watering so we can put the soaker hose on a timer. There will be much less of a chance of plants dying because I forget to water or get lazy later in the summer! And I think the kids and I will plant some of our seeds (carrots, beans & flowers) in some egg cartons today too. I'm still hesitant to plant in the garden this early because, even though it's warm right now, it can still change pretty dramatically this time of year. I think we'll wait a few more weeks.

Last night I ran out of books to read, so I started sketching from some children's books and really enjoyed it. I think I'll do some more today and possibly even paint. I'll try to have some photos later in the week of these exercises.

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