Wednesday, February 18, 2009

ahhh ..... completion

What a great feeling to finish making my first purse! I'm very happy with the results, and at the same time, I plan to get better at lining up those handles next time around! If you didn't catch it on the last post, this is the Marlo Bloom Handbag by Heather Bailey. I added pockets to the inside of the purse because I always like to have a special spot for my cell phone, keys, chapstick, whatever.

I'm heading over to the post office today to mail it out to another birthday girl in our midst (she's too busy in college right now to get involved in crafty blogs, so I'm not worried she'll see it before she gets it!).

Although I'd love to jump into my next purse, alas, I'm going to shelf that project for a bit so I can get started on those baby and toddler gifts for Kylia and Solomon! Here's a peek at the fabric I picked up the other day - the clerk hadn't even unwrapped the bolt yet!


Sarah said...

wow-- beautiful! It's so much bigger than I had envisioned it. Love the flower embellishment too.

Heather said...

Fantastic job! I love the pink fabric.

Lisa said...

Thanks! The pink fabric is very fun. For my next handbag I'll be using browns and greens.